Alicia Keys Body Measurements

The voice of an angel, the talent of a prodigy, and the body measurements of a goddess, is pretty much how i would sum up the perfection that is, Alicia Keys.

And just encase you're wondering what her exact measurements are, several reputable websites have listed her as being 34-26-38.

All i have to say about that is caution, curve ahead... Hips don't lie!

Alicia Keys Net Worth

Did anyone see the recent episode of Tosh.0 where they showcased a bunch of famous celebrity net worth?

You can probably find it on youtube, but more importantly i visited the site they mentioned on the show, and found out how much money Alicia Keys is worth.

Drum roll please! Alicia Keys' money net worth is $35 million!

Alicia Keys Birthday

Alicia Keys will soon become a wonderful mother of a bouncing baby boy or girls, she is totally on top of the music world with a new hit single dropping every other month.

All of this and she isn't even 30 years old. And don't forget her birthday is January 25, 1981. Send baby shoes...

Alicia Keys White Teeth

I think its safe to say that just about everyone can appreciate a nice set of beautiful white teeth, whether they are naturally white or with the help of a trusty teeth whitening product.

Alicia Keys' teeth are almost luminescent, so i would imagine she has a good teeth whitening regimen.

Alicia Keys Sunglasses

Look who we spotted in a pair of perhaps the most common top dollar sunglasses on the market, none other than the stunning Alicia Keys, wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton Millionaire shades.

And while they don't actually cost 1 million dollars, the going rate for these sunglasses are $1500 big ones.

So save your nickels and dimes because these sunglasses are flying off the shelves quick.